Pej Workplace Wallet

Much more than a canteen card

An easy-to-use workplace wallet that stores and organizes food service benefits, subsidies, and discounts.

One place for all the benefits

The wallet not only stores all the perks from the employer or school, but also provides a clear overview of the purchase history and allows the user to monitor their balance and easily refill from a bank account.

Simplify purchases anywhere, anytime

The wallet can be used at any point of purchase. When a guest orders at the checkout, app, or smart fridge, the wallet finds the right price based on the contract and applies correct information to the receipt no matter if payment is made by credit card, company badge, RFID or invoice.

Help clients achieve more

Your clients can easily administrate the user’s wallets in bulk or separately. Clients get the freedom to quickly add and adjust benefits or update wallets with the latest canteen offers.

Offer offline capabilities

No harm if the internet connection is lost. The transaction goes through according to plan in offline mode. As a caterer, you no longer need to worry about lost revenue due to connectivity issues.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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