Pej for business & industries

Digital convenience in the office canteen

With Pej, it is easy to connect canteens and make it seamless for everyone at work to access meal plans and benefits through staffed checkouts, self-checkout kiosks, ordering apps or vending machines.

A shift in the industry

It is still not uncommon for canteens to use pen and paper when administering guests’ meal plans, benefits, or discounts. It is time for a change. Pej streamlines operations, benefits, invoicing and reports. Best of all, administration is so smooth it practically runs itself.

Supercharge the workplace canteens

Download this guide, and read about the tools that will help you win the contracts and stay profitable!

The employee badge is a match with the Pej Wallet

Pej adds significant value to the personal company tag or badge – it transforms into a versatile tool for accessing meal plans, benefits and discounts at any campus food outlet. The badge is intricately linked to the Pej Wallet, offering a clear overview of the purchase history and account details.

Why contract caterers choose Pej

A sophisticated rule engine built for creativity

Digital ordering and self-checkout built for the industry

Future-proofed technology

Integrate with your digital ecosystem

Everything connects and guests order on their terms

We help you win the important catering contracts

New channels equal new revenue streams

When old revenue streams reduce, you need to find new ones. Why not place a vending machine outside the restaurant after opening hours? Guests can easily identify themselves and get the correct price agreed on in the contract.

Win the important contracts

The demand for complex contracts and tailored solutions is high. Customers are looking for a service with a sophisticated rule engine, also taking purchase and visiting history into account. Pej opens up new possibilities to go above and beyond customer expectations.

Attract people back to the office

Today, it’s essential for employers and caterers to provide healthy alternatives and promote food that keeps employees happy, focused and productive. Great food in combination with attractive meal plans, benefits, discounts and new ways of ordering can be so good it draws people back to the office.

Increase efficiency with a centralized system

A complex solution requires easy administration. With the Pej platform you can save hundreds of hours on administration when streamlining invoicing, reports and contracts. As a CFO, you can for example standardized reports from all your locations.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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