Pej for convenience stores

Making convenience stores even more convenient

Offer customers a better experience, increase store capacity and sales.

The next-generation in-store experience

During the last few years, digital ordering and payment solutions have become almost a requirement for a smooth customer experience. With self-service kiosks and mobile payment solutions, you also meet customers’ needs and offer easy-to-use payment solutions that suit them.

Extend the store and meet customers where they are

With Pej, your store is not only a physical place – it also becomes a digital shop. At any time, customers can see current promotions, pre-purchase products, and pick them up in-store. It provides a stronger bond between you and the customer and meets customers’ new demands for availability and flexibility.

Your savior during rush hour

All stores have rush hours. As a shop owner, you may need three people at the checkout between 11.30-13.30 and 17.00-19.00. However, it is difficult to get hold of staff who only want to work for a couple of hours. But with self-service kiosks, that problem is a thing of the past – during rush hour traffic, the kiosk takes care of the customers.

Customers order the way it suits them

Table order


Take away

Click and collect

Increase service levels and build loyalty

Your customers will discover how easy it is to pre-order, order, and pay in your store. That builds a breeding ground for loyalty and repeated visits. When the customer can scan and pay for goods themselves, you have time to spruce up the store and greet customers.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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