McDonald’s campaign highlights Pej’s software flexibility

In the heart of Forum, one of Helsinki’s largest shopping centers, McDonald’s and Pej teamed up to highlight the ease of digital ordering and increase awareness of McDonald’s digital ordering channels. How, you might ask? By placing a self-service kiosk, disguised as a giant mobile phone at the entrance of Forum.

The McDonald’s Finland campaign, The Easiest Way, ran across multiple platforms in Finnish media during the summer, ranging from social media to TV to physical locations. The goal was clear; to increase awareness of digital ordering and the many benefits it has for consumers.  A few of Finland’s largest TikTok influencers shared videos of the kiosk and reached over 1 million Finns.

As a part of the campaign, Pej was approached to deliver the software for the kiosk that was to face thousands of customers each day for one of the busiest weeks during the summer.

Software adapted, developed, and launched in a few weeks

In a matter of weeks, Pej setup the solution for McDonald’s, and was able to smoothly run it on the given (rather large) hardware. A great example of Pej’s unique kiosk flexibility.

Mats Nyström, the Marketing Director for McDonald’s Finland, was both impressed and satisfied with the outcome:

With this special outdoor ad (kiosk) we wanted in a concrete way to showcase how easy it is to make an order at McDonald’s. The kiosk is integrated directly into the restaurant’s systems with the help of Pej. The consumer’s are able to pay for their orders right at the outdoor ad (kiosk).” – Mats Nyström, Marketing Director McDonald’s Finland.

For Pej, the experience was fruitful and inspiring;  we got to showcase the speed and agility of our kiosk’s quick setup, and work with McDonald’s, whom we have a long lasting collaboration with on a number of different projects.

The reason for why we choose Pej as our partner in this project is the great experience we have had with them earlier. They are a very professional partner with whom it’s very easy to cooperate with. Pej has also shown a genuine interest in developing our products – which we value a lot.
– Mats Nyström, Marketing Director McDonald’s Finland

A great collaboration

For both Pej and McDonalds, the outcome of the campaign was successful. We were able to serve customers through the large-scale kiosk and frictionless send orders to the nearest McDonald’s KDS. Whilst McDonald’s increased awareness for their digital ordering app and web.

Thank  you McDonald’s – we look forward to the next campaign.

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