Product Newsletter Q3

Welcome to Pej’s quarterly product newsletter containing overall product portfolio news, a summary of recently released features, and a sneak peek of what is to come. As always, we are keen to detail any of below with you and we appreciate any feedback on how to further improve our product offering.


We are continuously exploring new concepts.

Loyalty, Members and B2B-solution

One of the most exciting news this year is that Pej is now launching a brand new members portal. This will enable merchants to manage guest loyalty, build groups of members, and attach discounts or benefits to specific member actions. Members will still get access to new means of payment, such as top-up cards and invoicing.

The Future of Canteens with Pej

We are currently developing our Canteen product to further make the lives easier for employers, employees, and staff! If this sounds interesting read the full story of how Pej has helped Toma to manage thousands of lunches, increased speed-of-service, and radically simplified invoicing here.

🚀 Releases

Below is a selection of new features released during Q3 2022.

Activate Upsell

Increase your sales by offering selections of upsell items to prompt your guest when adding certain items to the cart and/or before they proceed to checkout. Sell more, effortlessly, simply put.

Have it your brand

Increased design flexibility and customization with custom CSS. Schedule a free 2-hour design session with our design expert to get started.

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