Guides and handbooks

2024’s contract catering technology handbook

In this handbook, we will walk you through the important pillars and tools to use in building the complete transaction and self-checkout solution for contract catering in 2023.

  • Personalise the experience
  • Cater to the unique
  • Where Pej comes in

Pej’s digital canteen: Transforming dining on campus

Waiting in line is a thing of the past, especially for digital-native students accustomed to swift online transactions. This product guide explains how you meet demand by connecting your campus.

  • A connected campus
  • Innovative customer journeys
  • Added business value

Exploring customer journeys

To win the important contracts, you need to offer the most up-to-date tech stack available. Download this guide and explore how you can offer clients innovative journey’s built for todays employees.

  • A happy workforce
  • Build for the future
  • The real digital canteen

Webinars and videos

On-demand webinar: Supercharge your digital canteen with Pej

Get the tools you need to easily manage multiple sites, clients, accounts and benefits. Watch this 24 minute webinar to learn how Pej can help out!

On-demand webinar: Add swift ordering and convenience to the office canteen buffet

In many workplace canteens, the traditional buffet-style or free flow setup, where guests select their favourite dishes and then proceed to a staffed checkout for payment, remains the norm. this conventional approach is ready for transformation.

The Pej explainer

Discover how Pej revolutionises contract catering with personalised and flexible solutions, enhancing employee satisfaction and streamlining administration.

Vermaat <> Pej


Vermaat is one of the largest Contract Catering operators in Europe, boasting 600 sites. They chose Pej as their partner to win new deals that would benefit from a more flexible and complete B2B loyalty solution.

Pej’s solution easily adapts to the various locations and client contracts that Vermaat manages. For example, it supports clients who wish to provide one complimentary barista coffee per day to incentivize employees to return to the office, or for companies looking to subsidize specific items on the menu, such as vegetarian options.

Pej accomplishes this and much more, all while reducing the administrative burden that would otherwise burden Vermaat.

Pej <> Eatery


Eatery, a growing presence in the Scandinavian lunch restaurant scene, is popular among working professionals. It has partnered with Pej to attract these professionals and nurture loyal guests. With Pej’s solution, Eatery can offer neighboring companies a unique food benefit for their employees. Companies manage employee onboarding and salary reduction reporting themselves. Unlike their B2C offer, the B2B program preserves Eatery’s margins by selling meals at full price, with one part paid by the guest and the other invoiced to their company.

Companies get a new interesting benefit for their employees that helps keep employees and attract new talent, as well as a low administrative burden and automatic reporting, something most companies are even prepared to pay for.

Get in touch

You are very welcome to contact me if you have any questions regarding Pej and our solutions for contract catering.

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