Pej for quick service restaurants

Swift ordering for fast food

We got the tools to increase turnover, speed-of-service and customer retention. Excel your business with Pej.

Self-service for all your needs

We know there is no one-size-fits-all, that’s why we offer one of the most comprehensive and versatile solutions on the market. No matter if you choose Pej as your only supplier, or integrate us to your current solution, we got you covered.

Your brand, powered by our technology

Standing out is more important than ever. Today’s consumers are much more likely to purchase from a restaurant’s own channels in comparison to a marketplace app. We are experts in customizing UI/UX and will help you design your solutions to keep your brand’s look and feel.

Features to keep your customer’s satisfied

Agreed time

Through Pej Agreed Time, you can automatically calculate a time for delivery, takeaway, or pick up.

Combo Meals

Let your customer form meals by adding different products to the cart.

Extensive Loyalty

Having recurring and loyal customers is increasingly important.


Present your best add-ons to the customer in any stage of the customer journey.

Market leading upsell features

Present your best add-ons to the customer in any stage of the customer journey, on any channel. The recommendations provided are data based, ranging from time of day to what the customer has in the basket. Of course, we will set it up according to your liking.

Why market leaders use Pej

Easy administration for all systems

Security & compliance – ISO 27001 certified

Endless of customisation – let your brand shine

Loyalty building features to keep customers coming back

Proven and stable integrations

We have been around since the beginning

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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