Constructing a guest management platform for the food service industry

The development of Pej Guest Management was driven by the challenges and limitations in food service encountered by Pej over the years. Svante Palmgren, Product Manager at Pej, explains:


”During our years in the industry, we came across many overlapping systems handling guests, clients and contracts. All systems were customized to solve specific cases and had their own limitations. In addition to that, we saw serious integration difficulties and many processes dependent on manual effort.”


A modern solution with easy-to-use APIs

Recognizing the need for a modern tool to manage clients and guests, Pej built a new solution in tight dialogue with leading businesses within food service. This marked the beginning of the journey to disrupt the digital food service landscape.


”At Pej, we are experts in guest management, which is our focus. However, we operate in an ecosystem of many systems, including menu management, point-of-sale, ERP, and more. In addition to that, we need to enable guest management with the new era of multiple digital point-of-purchase channels,” Svante added.


Pej Guest Management is built with modern and easy-to-use APIs for all core needs to cope with this reality. To name a few examples, the platform has APIs for ordering quotations and orchestration, importing and synchronization of configuration data and exporting of reporting and invoicing data.



Flexible at its core – it caters to any need

Every organization’s requirements are different, and within an organization, requirements differ between countries, regions, site units, and clients. Consequently, the Pej solution has been designed  with flexibility in its foundation, encompassing everything from the architecture, data model and APIs to the admin portal and core functionality such as payment programs, rules and identifiers, and more.


”Our sophisticated rules engine is something we are particularly proud of. It allows you to configure any benefit or fee using our extensive set of triggers and outputs,” Svante continues.


Pej Guest Management provides access roles for all key stakeholders, including admin, site operator manager, client manager, and guest, to use only relevant platform parts. In addition, it is built with the most modern and exciting technologies and frameworks, allowing Pej to continue improving its platform faster than other players.


”We deliver the solution as a software as a service hosted on the cloud by Pej, enabling our customers to focus on what’s important. In addition, we have invested a lot in our design system and the user experience of the admin portal, making it easy to navigate and maintain,” Svante concludes.

An Oracle partner

We are a strategic Oracle partner, Pej seamlessly integrates with the Oracle Simphony Cloud ecosystem, a synergy that empowers functionality and streamlines the management of clients, guests, reporting and invoicing.

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