Connecting the dots in contract catering

Food service technology done right.

Welcome to the new era of food service technology

Let guests navigate the canteen with digital convenience, help clients retain and attract talent, and win crucial catering contracts. Add personalised guest wallets, flexible account management and administration that practically runs itself.


Guest and accounts

Streamline, centralise and personalise benefits, payments and reports.

Popular features

  • Account management
  • Benefits and discounts
  • Invoicing and reports

Wallet and benefits

An easy-to-use wallet that stores and organises meal plans, benefits and discounts.

Popular features

  • Easy top-up
  • Use at any point of purchase
  • Offline capabilities

Self-service and digital ordering

Let guests order and check-out the way it suits them, where it suits them.

Popular features

  • Self-checkout kiosk
  • App and web ordering
  • Order ready board

Fully integrated with Oracle Simphony

In partnership with Oracle, Pej delivers self-checkout solutions and systems for managing transactions and benefits for employees and students, fully integrated into Oracle’s POS systems. This joint product is one of the most complete contract catering solutions on the market.

Delight guests on their terms

With over 65% of guests preferring self-service options, Pej allows them to order and pay on their terms. Whether it’s individual guests or contract catering, Pej covers your needs. Pick up, table service, pre-order or home delivery – we got you covered.

Go above and beyond the canteen

Connect any device or point of purchase at any location; connected fridges, vending machines, and [insert any device with the Pej API]. Discounts and subsidies are added and connected to the POS.

Integrate with solutions and tools you already use

Automate tedious manual tasks and save time by streamlining your processes. Pej is seamlessly integrated with the Oracle Simphony suit and other essential solutions. Are we missing an integration? Let us know, our platform is built to collaborate with other solutions.

Enterprise secure technology

The Pej platform is scalable, flexible and enterprise secure. We build the technology in-house and are agile and responsive. Our tech is ISO 27001 certified with full fiscal compliance in many European countries. We have been around since the start of digital ordering, and know true value.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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