Pej Order Ready Board

A new take on the order ready board

Pej Order Ready Board is developed with an omnichannel approach and flexibility across different segments – from quick service to contract catering.

The omnichannel approach

The order ready board displays orders from your kitchen display system, self-service kiosk, ordering app or any other integrated channel, such as third-party delivery aggregators. The board displays orders being prepared and orders ready to be picked up. Present all orders or filter and color code based on type and ordering channel.

Your brand powered by Pej Order Ready Board

The order ready board is fully customizable. Customers can view the order ready board on any screen – vertical, horizontal or on their mobile device. The board size adapt based on the number of orders and comes with an automatic screen saver to show information or ads when no order is being processed. Use the colors and font that represent your brand.




Key features

Display orders from any channel

From your WS, kiosk, or third-party delivery partner.

Split order display to different screens

Dine-in guests and delivery partners view orders on different screens.

Fully customizable

Your brand powered by our technology.


Customers can view the order-ready board on any device.

Quick setup and launch

You need a screen, an internet connection, a URL.

Distribute by email, text message, or QR-code

Send the ORB as an email or text message – avoid installing screens.

Handle orders based on ordering channel

Based on the revenue center or other data, you can easily send specific orders to a specific order ready board or colour them to be more easily recognizable. Allow you guests to easily view their own orders while your couriers can be more efficient by waiting outside of the main customer areas.

All you need is a screen, internet connection and a URL

It’s easy to get started with our order ready board. For enterprise businesses, we recommend sitting down with our technical experts to decide how to manage the rollout fully. However — it’s just to enter the URL and get going!

1. Sign up

2. Setup your screen in Pej Admin

3. Brand your order ready board

4. Enter the custom URL on your screen

5. Voilà – an order ready board!

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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