Pej Self-Service Kiosk

Delight guests. Boost employees. Increase order value.

Pej’s flexible Self-Service Kiosk is customized for a wide range of industries – contract catering, convenient stores, quick service, and more.

Flexible and customizable kiosks for every venue and brand

The Pej Self-Service Kiosk is one of  few kiosks on the market developed with features tailored for several food service industries. For contract catering, subsidies discounts can be utilized at every point of sale. For the convenient store, a scanner and scale is featured. For the quick service restaurant, combo meals and upsell features are must-haves.

Popular features

Your brand

Choose your colors, your font and background images

Security & Compliance

Our kiosk comes ISO 27001 certified

UI elements

Do you have a design system or other crucial elements?

Animations and timing

Fully customizable according to your preferences


Wall mounted portrait or table standing?

Local Mobile Payment Options

Local Mobile Payment Options

Increase revenue with market leading features

Combo meals, upsell, and add-ons. Pej’s solution maximizes the average order value without compromising the customer experience. All while being ISO 27001 certified, seamlessly integrated to multiple POS-providers, and supporting local mobile payment providers.

(Super) quick setup and launch

Installing a Pej kiosk only requires an ethernet cable and power. The kiosk comes pre-installed with the right APK and card reader (if applicable) and can be installed without technical knowhow or previous experience. Our service and support team is available on phone, text and email when needed.

High quality, good-looking hardware

Wall-mounted, floor-standing, or placed at the counter? We know that there is no one-size-fits-all – that’s why we have partnered up with established global hardware providers to ensure solutions across multiple segments.


We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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