Guest Management

Cater to every need and win the important deals

Centralize and streamline guest management, subsidies, discounts, and invoicing with one simple platform. Built for contract catering. Used by industry giants.

A shift in the contract catering industry

Contract catering has undergone significant changes in recent years, heavily affected by the pandemic, and the fact that fewer people spend time at the office as remote work has become so popular. With less restaurant turnover, how will contract caterers stay profitable?

A centralized guest management platform leads the way

The guest management tool is the new center of all catering and company transactions. It digitalizes the journey from the contract to the customer to the guest and makes it easy and cost-effective to administrate and invoice.

The magic is spelled “rules”

In the Pej Guest Management tool, you enter rules and triggers that apply to different customers and different employees. It is an engine built for creativity. The software allows multiple rules, discounts, rewards, and payment programs per member.

When a guest identifies themselves at the cashier, the POS, mobile app, web, or any other channel it automatically knows what price to offer. It’s that simple.

Easy administration, so you can achieve more

A complex solution requires hassle-free administration. With the Pej Guest Management flexibility, your customers will utilize the system and create changes regularly, and easily handle the administration themselves.

You as a contract catering operator no longer have to change rules, onboard new staff or update campaigns. You set the limits for the customer and they can start utilizing your restaurant offer in completely new ways. This means less manual labor and better margins for you.

With the guest management platform you also centralize and streamline reports and invoicing from multiple sites. As a CFO you will save hundreds of hours on decreased administration.

Here is an example

You are a canteen catering business and Ann is a new employee at one of your customers. Ann gets a 10% discount on her first lunch, a 20 % discount on the 2:nd lunch, and a 30% discount on the 3:rd lunch. She gets free coffee every other Friday, desserts are subsedized at half price on her birthday and she gets a cinnamon cookie for free every day in December and….

OK, perhaps not entierly realistic. But. With Pej Guest Management it actually could be. The rule engine and administration is that good.

Pej Guest Management features

Tiered programs

Multiple payment programs

Multiple rules per employee

Stable tech stack with offline capabilities

Multiple discounts & employee rewards

Integration with Oracle

Integrate or stand alone

Our solution is easy to integrate with other providers and partners. We are Gold Preferred Partners with Oracle and our end-user facing channels can easily be integrated with other application providers.

Worth mentioning, our solutions are also fully working and compliant as stand-alone solutions.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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