Pej Guest Management

Delight guests. Empower clients. Win more.

Streamline, centralise and personalise benefits, payments and reports. All with one simple solution. Built for contract catering. Used by industry giants.

A shift in the industry

A hybrid work style and digitalization have created new expectations from clients and guests. To stay a head and win the important contracts, innovation is a key.

Be what clients and guests need

Innovating can be tricky if you have many restaurant concepts, clients, and sites in various geographical areas. Scattered IT makes it hard to integrate new solutions across the company seamlessly. This is where Pej Guest Management comes in.

A smooth journey for everyone

With a guest management tool for food services, complex and innovative customer journeys run just as smoothly as the straightforward ones. The solution is flexible and scalable – the rule engine handles it all and benefits are added to a personalized workplace wallet.

Empower clients and win the deals

With Pej Guest Management you offer clients tools to actively work with food service benefits and improve eNPS scores. As a contract caterer, you will become more competitive in the market and win important contracts.

Time is money. With Pej, you can save both

With Pej, both you and your clients can use the admin tool, make changes to subsidies and discounts and add new perks. Centralize and streamline reports and invoicing from multiple sites. Your CFO will say hurray! and save hundreds of hours on decreased administration.

Pej Guest Management features

Tiered programs

Multiple payment programs

Multiple rules per employee

Stable tech stack with offline capabilities

Streamlined invoicing and reporting

Integration with Oracle

Integrate or stand alone

Our solution is easy to integrate with providers and partners. We are Gold Preferred Partners with Oracle and our end-user facing channels can easily be integrated with other applications. Pej is also fully working and compliant as stand-alone solutions.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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