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LIVE WEBINAR: 2024-02-29: 11:30 CET

Add swift ordering and convenience to the office canteen buffet

In many workplace canteens, the traditional buffet-style or free flow setup, where guests select their favourite dishes and then proceed to a staffed checkout for payment, remains the norm.

However, this conventional approach, often coupled with old-fashioned ways of administering benefits and discounts through plastic coins or manual records, is ready for transformation.

Sign up for this 20-minute webinar on the 29 of February 11:30 CET, and learn how Pej can help out.

On-demand webinar: How to position your canteen and increase win rate

Digitalisation in the contract catering industry is booming! It is also something clients prioritise when selecting a contract caterer. In this webinar you learn how to position your digital canteen effectively.

On-demand webinar: Supercharge your digital canteen with Pej

Get the tools you need to easily manage multiple sites, clients, accounts and benefits. Watch this 24 minute webinar to learn how Pej can help out!

The Pej explainer

Discover how Pej revolutionizes contract catering with personalized and flexible solutions, enhancing employee satisfaction and streamlining administration.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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