Pej for higher education

Transform dining on campus

Stay relevant, create the best experience and fuel tomorrow’s workforce.

Digital convenience that fuels learning

Offering a wide range of easily accessible food outlets improves the culture and makes the campus more attractive for everyone, but also creates an environment with healthy eating habits. Pej helps you offer a mixture of top-tier ordering technology and well packaged and attractive meal plans accessible across all the campus dining spots.

The student ID badge is a match with the Pej Wallet

The student ID badge transforms into a versatile tool for accessing meal plans, benefits and discounts at any campus food outlet. The badge is intricately linked to the Pej Wallet, offering a clear overview of the purchase history and account details.

Easy meal planning, account management, and administration

In the Pej Guest and Management tool, you onboard and administer students, staff, meal plans, food-service benefits, discounts, payment options, and wallets. The heart of the platform is a powerful and sophisticated rule engine streamlining and centralising administrative tasks but also allows for personalisation at a granular level.

It is not about the tech, it is about the value

Operational efficiency

Cost effective innovation

Increased student satisfaction

Improved atmosphere

Data-driven insights

Offline capabilities

Integrate with solutions and tools you already use

Automate tedious manual tasks and save time by streamlining your processes. Pej is seamlessly integrated with the Oracle Simphony suit and other essential solutions. Are we missing an integration? Let us know, our platform is built to collaborate with other solutions.

Why Pej?

Pej is the food service technology company with great ambitions and open hearts. Based on years of experience in the industry, we develop market-leading products. We create solutions, enable innovation, and lead the changes that our clients need to succeed.

We would love to show you what Pej can do for your business.

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