Pej Is Making Convenience Stores More Convenient. Here’s How.

The digitalization of the retail industry is becoming more and more evident. One retail area that’s undergoing rapid transformation with the help of digital elements is the convenience store segment. To assist convenience stores in their digital transformation Pej is developing a new and exciting generation of digital solutions. The goal? Making convenience stores even more convenient.

Digital self-service helps stores meet their customers in a new way. With Pej, a convenience store’s offering can be displayed and adapted according to the time of day, and offers can be tailored to the customer’s purchasing behavior. The customer can avoid queuing by pre-ordering a take-away coffee from their phone on their daily commute to the office. Or, enjoy the availability of a store that extends its opening hours to 24/7 by implementing unmanned hours without compromising on safety.

Here’s a quick run-through of Pej’s offering to convenience stores:

1. Enabling In-store Convenience

Pej’s platform offers the right tools to enable customer journeys based on the convenience store’s needs. Through self-checkout kiosks and mobile scan and pay we enable a frictionless convenience store experience while also increasing sales and efficiency for the store.

2. Reaching Customers Where They Are

When customers are becoming more intolerant of waiting in line, reaching your customers from wherever they are located is key to secure sales. From their home, on the bus, or on the run – with seamless integrations into the current systems, our app and web solution give the customer full track of the stores’ assortment and availability. Remove friction and increase sales with Pej.

3. The Unmanned Store

Let your community enjoy the freedom of accessibility by transforming the store opening hours to 24/7 – that’s what we call convenience. For the store owner, this results in increased revenue with no additional labor costs and without compromising on safety.

”Our solution for unmanned stores is either fully unmanned or a hybrid where staff is on-site during certain hours. For customers, accessibility is the most important thing and through unmanned opening hours, the store can bring maximum accessibility while also increasing its sales.” – Svante Nyman, Product Owner at Pej

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