Van Hessen and Pej: Introducing a new era of digital excellence in Benelux contract catering

By joining forces, Pej and Van Hessen are ready to serve the contract catering market in the Benelux. With this partnership, contract caterers get access to one of the most powerful and complete solutions on the market.

Pej delivers self-checkout solutions and a platform for managing benefits and transactions for clients and guests. The system fully integrates with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS which Van Hessen offers.

With the commitment of Pej to get food service technology done right, combined with Van Hessen’s promise to guide, deliver and care, contract catering companies have the best solutions and services at their disposal.

Pej – from pen and paper to digital convenience

There’s a considerable demand for digital guest- and account management in the contract catering industry. It is, for instance, not uncommon for canteens to use plastic coins or pen and paper when administering guests’ benefits or discounts. This results in a lack of flexibility and high workload regarding administration and invoicing. The hassle increases when the caterer adds vending machines, self-checkout kiosks or another digital ordering channel. Recognising this challenge, Pej has developed a digital solution for managing benefits and transactions at scale.

The Pej platform is technically advanced with a sophisticated rule engine designed to align with the digital habits of today’s workforce. It is very user-friendly which makes it an ideal solution for large enterprises, offering quick deployment and swift return on investment.

“There is so much for operators to gain when upgrading their technology and processes – their administrative workload will decrease enormously, and every single guest will get a better experience”, Nils Øyvind Karlsen, Partnership Account Executive at Pej, says.


Van Hessen, the IT Companion you can trust upon

Oracle MICROS Simphony is the premium cloud POS solution, ensuring smooth operations in any operational environment or type of concept. Providing the best point of sale and back-office functionalities out there. The system even includes the most complex and mission-critical functions needed by innovative and demanding customers.

Van Hessen is the official reseller for Oracle Hospitality Solutions in the Benelux. Supporting their customers from A to Z with their full-service approach. Giving tailored advice, delivering excellent installations and providing the trusted Van Hessen care & support. At Van Hessen customers can rely on a dedicated team of experts with a passion for IT and food service, ready to implement their IT wishes.

“By seamlessly integrating Pej’s high-end solutions with Simphony POS, supported by Van Hessen full- service approach, we create an IT powerhouse for the contract catering industry. This enables contract caterers to move forward into the digital era”, Ronnie Hinrichs, Managing Director of Van Hessen, states.

A success story in the making

Starting their collaboration Van Hessen and Pej had a very busy fall, working closely together on a range of interesting customer cases. Contract catering is a dynamic industry. Together, Pej and Van Hessen have everything in place to serve this market. Van Hessen has years of experience and comprehends the needs and wishes of contact caterers. Pej is a market-driven, responsive technology company, ready to adapt, and deliver new and improved features that transform the client and guest experience.

“The market’s response is very positive“, Nils Øyvind Karlsen and Ronnie Hinrichs note. “We are excited to develop our partnership even further and look forward to what 2024 will bring for the Benelux region”

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